• Double Flared Coil Loop Insert
  • Double Flared Coil Loop Insert

Double Flared Coil Loop Insert

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Product Description

Double Head Coil Loop Insert

The safe working load of the Double Flared Coil Loop Insert is greatly increased over that of a Single Flared Coil Loop. This increase in capacity is achieved by welding a second loop to the same coil. By adding the additional loop, it doubles the cross-sectional area of steel embedded in the concrete and at the same time, increases the area of the shea cone.
The design of the insert leaves an open space between the two loops, allowing the insert to “straddle” reinforcing steel or prestressing strands.
Standard sizes are shown in the chart and other sizes are available on special order . 
Minimum spacing between inserts is twice the minimum corner dis-tance.

To Order:
Specify: (1) quantity, (2) name, (3) bolt diameter, (4) length, (5) finish

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