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  • Magnetic Box PRC-1800kgs
  • Magnetic Box PRC-1800kgs
  • Magnetic Box PRC-1800kgs

Magnetic Box PRC-1800kgs

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Product Description

Precast concrete magnet is a new magnetic assembly which is used to fix the framework in precast industry. The assembly consists of some strong neodymium magnets and steel plates which form to certain designed magnetic circuit. This magnetic circuit provides very much stronger adhesive force to any ferrous workpiece. But the magnetic power is shielded and controlled by the thick metal box. We develop the push ON/OFF button to open or close the magnetic power outside of the metal box.

We are the sole Chinese manufacturer to make this part, and supply high quality but very competitive price comparing to UK or Germany manufacturer. We are also interested in developing new style according to customers' requirement.
We have these parts in stock and welcome to your order for sampling. You will find we are the best supplier for this part concerning quality and cost.
Adhesive strength: >1800KGS.
Item Size: 32X12X6cm
Wooden box size:38X13X17cm.
G.W. for ocean shipment: 9KGS
G.W. for air shipment:10KGS.

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Shuttering MagnetShuttering Magnet

Precast Concrete MagnetPrecast Concrete Magnet

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