• Shuttering Magnet 600kgs
  • Shuttering Magnet 600kgs
  • Shuttering Magnet 600kgs

Shuttering Magnet 600kgs

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Product Description

With this Magnet, wooden or steel formworks can be safely fixed to Steel
moulds or Tables. The product is delivered with integrated high-prefomance magnets
with forces from 450 to 2100 kg. Integrated threads (M16) can be used to adapt
special formwork constructions to the Boxes. When the magnets are activated, steel
springs are pulling the fromwork againsed the basic steel plate

Advantages / Overview:
– High Forces from 450 to 2100 kg
– Integrated automatic mechanism with steel
– Integrated threads M16 to adapt formwork
– Same magnet can be used for different
– Adapters for your demand can be delivered on

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